5 Tips for Exercising While Pregnant


  1. Keep going, even in the first trimester.  Many pregnant women feel unwell in the first trimester. That’s common, but try to keep moving as best you can, with daily walks and small bouts of movement until you feel better. This will make it easier to jump back in and increase your activity level for the second trimester. People who exercise throughout their pregnancies are much more likely to return to fitness postpartum and become lifelong exercisers.


  1. Focus on frequency.  A lot of the benefits of cardiovascular exercise during pregnancy are based on how often you exercise.  To name a few: prevention of gestational diabetes, reduction of varicose veins and improved digestion.  Aim to do cardio most days of the week. If you are a beginner, start with 15 minutes and add 2 minutes/week up to a maximum of 30 minutes not including warm up and cool down. Walking is ideal to start, as well as light jogging, dancing, prenatal fitness and aquafit. 


  1. Get strong!  Parents need muscles.  Attending a prenatal fitness program that includes strength training helps you stay motivated and on track. Focus your energies on strengthening areas of the body for labour, delivery and new parenthood: upper back, legs, arms and core.  


  1. Strengthen your core.  Your core muscles support your back.  Back pain is the #1 complaint during pregnancy.  Strengthening your core with yoga, fitness and water workouts will help you stay more comfortable through all trimesters.


  1. Value social fitness.  If you can, work out with another pregnant woman or join a prenatal fitness class at least one night a week. Social connections improve mental health, increase consistency and give you a support network for after baby is born.  The friendships formed at these classes often last a lifetime.  Many of our participants tell us they have formed strong connections to other parents at our classes, and these friendships often last throughout the perinatal period and beyond!



Are you looking to exercise more during your pregnancy? Fit Together offers several prenatal programs year-round, including Prenatal Aquafit, Prenatal Sampler Series (a mix of styles) and Prenatal Yoga. Check out the upcoming schedule here: www.fittogether.ca/sessions