Feel empowered and motivated with our high intensity Parent & Baby Bootcamp! Our welcoming easy-going environment allows you to tend to your baby, meet other parents and babies and enjoy the benefits of postnatal exercise.  Experience more energy, better mood, gains in your strength and cardio capacity, lowered risk of postpartum depression and more.   

Parent & Baby Bootcamp is an intermediate to advanced level class focusing on strength, power, agility, balance, cardio and core.  Postnatal participants must meet this criteria: have been exercising at least 8 weeks postpartum and your baby is 12 weeks +. We recommend getting clearance for impact exercise by a pre/postnatal physiotherapist, especially if you have experienced pelvic floor issues or abdominal separation. Pre-mobile and mobile babies are welcome and we will give options to incorporate them into the workout. Bring a baby carrier if you like. We will set up a "baby island" toy area for the older babies.

Not quite ready? We recommend starting with Fit Together Stroller Fitness, Parent & Baby Pilates, Parent & Baby Barre or one of our multi-level classes.   

Online postnatal intake form must be completed before your first class 

This program typically runs September- June.  

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