What We Do

We are Fit Together Pre & Postnatal Fitness, offering friendly and fun fitness classes for pregnant and postnatal families to be active and meet other families in Winnipeg.



Programs for all stages of pregnancy and all ages of babies

We strive to provide options for all stages to help you exercise consistently throughout this exciting time, keeping baby’s age and stage in mind.


Motivating and social classes

Our classes are a meeting place for moms-to-be and moms who value the benefits of an active lifestyle.


Certified prenatal and postnatal instructors

All Fit Together instructors are certified pre/postnatal instructors, helping you get the most from your exercise time. We are trained to program effective prenatal and postnatal workouts, as well as to modify for common prenatal and postnatal concerns.


Large variety of locations, class types and timeslots

Rather than running a single location or class type, we run a large variety of class types at several locations throughout Winnipeg. We offer a range of class times to fit your schedule.



You offer such an important service to our community and you’re bringing mamas together. Most of my mom friends were made through you. It’s awesome to be a part of this program.

Naomi, spring 2020
Classes Taken: Prenatal Aquafit, Mom & Baby Yoga, Stroller Fitness

Thank you for providing such a great program for new moms. I didn't do Fit Together with my first baby, but I did with my second and I enjoyed this mat leave soooooo much more. Thanks for a great year!

Jenny O, spring 2016
Classes Taken: Parent & Baby Bootcamp

It’s meant so much to my baby and me to have a supportive group to stay active with, socialize with, and add some semblance of routine to the craziness of new parenthood. Thanks for everything.

Lisa, spring 2020
Classes Taken: Prenatal Aquafit, Online Classes, Stroller Fitness, Mom & Baby Aquafit

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed being able to take Fit Together classes with both my pregnancies & boys.  We are so lucky here in Winnipeg to have such a wonderful program. Thank you!

Jennifer W, winter 2018
Classes Taken: Prenatal Aquafit, Mom & Baby Barre, Mom & Baby Fitness, Stroller Fitness and Bootcamp

Join our Team

We're looking for friendly, outdoorsy and inspiring fitness leaders to teach pre/postnatal classes with us for summer and fall 2024. 


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