It has finally happened! A milestone parents both delight in and fear – baby is officially on the move!  No matter how your baby manages to get around, the end result is the same: you have suddenly become much busier.  As baby starts exploring the world around them, finding the time to exercise can feel like an impossible task.  However, turning parts of your routine into a fitness adventure with your little one is not only possible but incredibly rewarding.


We get parents asking all the time what exercising with a mobile baby can look like and below you’ll find some ideas to get moving both in and away from home.


  1. Stroller walk or run.  This is a great way to get out and not only get some exercise but fresh air for you and baby as well.  A lot of parents will let baby have a “nap on the go” during these walks (See our Nap Walk blog for more).  If you’re looking at getting into stroller running, it is recommended that you use a stroller made for jogging, that babies are at least 12 months. (PS – see our Return to Running After Baby article here.)


  1. Join one of our mobile baby friendly classes.  We offer a range of classes suitable for a babies and tots on the move. 

    Postnatal Sampler with Little Movers- New for Spring 2024, this special series is designed for parents with almost mobile and mobile/crawling babies and you’ll try a variety of class styles including yoga, cardio/core, stroller fitness, dance and more. 

    Stroller Fitness Indoor/Outdoor – A mix of cardio & strength training, baby stays in the stroller while parents exercise.  Stroller movement is incorporated to keep baby interested. Babies are welcome to come out of the stroller during the core and stretching portion of the class.

    Parent & Baby Bootcamp – For parents that are ready to take their fitness to the next level, we offer a Bootcamp style class with a “baby island”: a safe space where your little one is free to explore and move around. 

    After Hours Fitness – This is a baby-free class in the evening, ideal if you’re looking for some solo exercise time with other like-minded parents. 

    Parent & Baby Aquafit – One of our most popular classes for babies 6 months and up.  Parents get a workout in the water while baby participates from their floatie next to you. 

    Parent & Baby Dance + Strength – This class is done with baby (recommended 4+ months) in a carrier and includes fun dance cardio segments paired with muscle conditioning.  It is a great choice for parents and babies that love to move.

    Virtual Bootcamp – Similar to our in-person Bootcamp, this is a class for parents ready to increase the intensity of their workouts.  We offer this class via Zoom so you can stay in the comfort of your own home.

    Adventure Club – Love to be outdoors with others? This class runs in every season and is a fantastic way to explore nature in and around Winnipeg.

    Tiny Yogis- A playful kids yoga class designed for ages 2-6 and their grown-ups, baby siblings under 2 may also tag along for an active full family outing. 

    View  the current and upcoming Fit Together schedule here
  2. Make a baby-friendly space at home for workouts and consider incorporating babies into the workout.  Pro tip: they are great for adding weight to lower body workouts!  Swap out your free weights and kettle bands for bands to keep the space safer. Once they are a bit older, you can teach them a few simple moves to do together. Toddlers love to add "resistance" on your back during planks for example. For cardio at home you can consider having your own dance party with them.  Turn on some upbeat music and have fun moving and grooving with your little shaker.
  3. Exercise during naptime.  To maximize your time, try to get yourself ready to work out before baby goes down.  This will not only save you precious time if your baby takes short naps but it will make it less likely that you decide to do something else during naptime.


No matter how you decide to navigate the chaos of parenting and fitness, you’ll be grateful for taking the time to prioritize your mental and physical well-being during this very busy stage of life.  Take it all in stride and remember that sometimes anything is better than nothing – so have some fun moving with your little mover!

We’re rooting for you,


The Fit Together team


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