Happy Fit Together anniversary Hailey!


It’s our Fit Together instructor Hailey’s 2-year anniversary with Fit Together this spring 2024 (7 years together if you count all the classes she did with us as a participant) and we thought it would be fun to do a little surprise tribute to her.

We recently put out a call for “shout outs” to her participants and the response was amazing. Hailey, your classes are well planned, your manner is friendly and warm, and your workouts are the perfect amount of challenge. Love ya!


"Hailey's classes are so great - she is very warm and welcoming! Her classes are always well organized and she keeps them interesting - whether it's prenatal yoga or after hours bootcamp! I always leave feeling less stressed and more relaxed. The bootcamp is such a good challenge I really feel like I'm gaining something from going and it's comforting to know that she'll offer modifications if needed. Keep doing what you're doing Hailey!" --Lindsay D


“I value how Hailey brings the perfect balance of challenge to each workout, pushing us moms to exceed our limits while ensuring it remains accessible for all fitness levels. Her positivity and encouragement are infectious, making tough sessions feel achievable and fun! Her warm smile and genuine desire to connect with each of the moms enhances the sense of community in the class, making it not just a workout but a shared, uplifting experience. 

Hailey's strengths lie in her unwavering positivity and friendliness, which create a welcoming atmosphere for all moms. She excels as a leader, guiding the class with confidence and clarity. Her ability to encourage everyone, regardless of their fitness level, helps build a supportive community. 

Hailey's classes have led to better fitness, increased confidence and a stronger sense of community with other moms. Her positivity and challenges have motivated me to push my limits, while her encouragement and leadership have inspired me to have a more positive approach to overall wellness”.—Chaye W


“Hailey is fantastic! I had the pleasure of doing 3 full bootcamp sessions with her and she always challenged us, encouraged us, and went above and beyond by doing all the setup/cleaning all the crumbs from toy island! 

She definitely motivated me to push hard and I am so much stronger for it! Hailey was a big reason why I keep signing up for bootcamp”. – Katie P


“Hailey's class is the highlight of my week!  She takes such care to give options that allow you to gently push your body but also stay within the pain-free zone of movement. I come out of Hailey's classes relaxed, refreshed and feeling better than when I went in”. – Morgan V


“Hailey is amazing, she is always careful and patient, even when I ask her to repeat the exercise 4 times! She also always accommodates my abilities, giving me suggestions on how to do the exercise correctly! I always look forward to her classes.” – Renata M 


“I have absolutely loved bootcamp with Hailey. She is so motivating, she challenges us, she keeps things moving and adapts exercises for when babies need an extra cuddle.

I can count on getting in a good sweat regardless of which adaptations I require that day. I am so grateful for her energy and drive and I feel strong in my postpartum body since joining her class. I am driven to continue workouts inspired by Hailey at home now that I’m going back to work and unable to attend in person. I look forward to attending her bootcamp again in the future!” – Lacey F


Hailey’s classes are progressively difficult and always engaging! She manages to explain (and re-explain) multiple exercises to distracted moms while simultaneously lending a helping hand with the little ones.  She is kind and supportive but also a tough critic! She is always ensuring we are reaching our full potential (ie. upping the weight when she knows we can do it!). I love attending her weekly bootcamps not only for the tough sweat but also for the social time as a new mom. She is mindful that this is not only a workout class for moms but also an opportunity to build friendships and a great community! So grateful for her!” -- Leanne D


“Hailey is one of my favourite instructors I’ve had in my long experience with group fitness. I started in her stroller fitness class and have been chasing her around since then. Currently in her prenatal yoga and core and feel challenged yet supported. She makes every one of her students feel so welcomed and included and I always feel very encouraged to push my body in a safe way, whether pre or post partum! Thrilled to get back into postpartum bootcamp with her this summer!”-- Robyn 


PS Hailey teaches Stroller Fitness at Assiniboine Park, Bootcamp at Linden Woods CC and Prenatal Yoga + Core this spring. Check out her classes here: www.fittogether.ca/sessions

Action shot of Hailey teaching