Spring Walks in Winnipeg


Spring is finally here (we think?), and with it comes puddles. messy sidewalks and flooded walkways. You want to get outside with your baby, but where can you go and keep your feet relatively dry?


Here are our suggestions for PAVED and stroller friendly places to go walking. Some dry up earlier than others:

Assiniboine Park & Zoo

  • There are many paved paths in the park, as well as the Zoo and most are kept clear of snow so the paths dry up quickly. Bonus if you go to the Zoo: many animals are very active in spring

Sturgeon Creek Greenway (4 km +, linear paved route)

  • Park at Grants Old Mill or on Woodhaven and walk West to Hamilton and back. This trail takes you along Sturgeon Creek and past the historic Grants Old Mill. Watch the spring melt of the creek as you pass under Portage Avenue. Since it’s an out and back, you can go longer or shorter.

Linden Woods Lakes (2.7 km, linear paved route)

  • Park on Shoreline Drive near the lake. Head right to the shelter in Muys Park and back, then walk to the shelter in Van Walleghem Park and back.

    Assiniboine Forest-Sagimay Trail (2.8 km, paved loop)

    • Park Grant at Chalfont. Option to add on more gravel sections. Trees all around! 2.8 km, paved loop

    Blue Line Rapid Transit Path

    • Access the South Osborne portion from Harrow or near Lord Roberts CC, or the Fort Garry section at any of the stations such as Beaumont or Chevier. The rapid transit path is very well cleared of snow and one of the best early spring places to walk on non-windy days. Watch for public art along the way.

    Here are some GRAVEL paths that will dry up soon:

    Whittier Park (4 km, linear gravel route)

    • Park at Fort Gibraltar. Take the path all the way under the train bridge to Lagimodière-Gaboury Park and back. If you have a rugged stroller, try the river trail. Look for art along the way!

    Churchill Drive- Kingston Crescent (3 km or 5 km gravel and paved loop)

    • Park on Churchill Drive either at the Churchill Tot lot (5 km route) or the end near Jubilee (3 km). Walk west on Churchill Drive, then  Jubilee to the BDI and over the Elm Park bridge. Loop around Kingston Crescent and back over the walking bridge to starting point.

    Waterfront Drive (2.5- 5km, linear paved route)

    • Park on Waterfront Drive or side streets. Walk in the park towards South Point Douglas and back and/or to The Forks and back. Great city views!

    Bunn's Creek Parkway (2 km, linear gravel route)

    • Park at Bunn’s Creek Centennial Park. Take the Bunn’s Creek Parkway left to the Red River and back. Look for 7 Sacred Teachings art along the way. Pretty creek views. Check AllTrails in advance in case portions of the path are flooded.

    Bois-des-Esprits (4 km, linear gravel route)

    • Park at John Bruce Park. Cross the bridge to get to the trail head. Look for carved trees along the way. 100% chance of spotting deer.

    The Forks- St Boniface (3km mostly paved loop, icy spots behind hospital in late winter)

    • Park at The Forks. Exit The Forks under the rail bridge along Main Street, then over the Norwood Bridge. Walk behind the hospital, along Tache and over the Esplanade Riel foot bridge. Gorgeous views! 

    PS if you are looking to get outside with baby more this spring, check out our outdoor Stroller Fitness programs at Assiniboine Park, The Forks and Crescent Drive