Winter Bucket List with Baby


Are you looking ahead to winter as a difficult boring season where you’re stuck at home with baby all the time? Not so fast friends! If you know us here at Fit Together, you know that we believe winter to be one of THE MOST FUN times to enjoy with your baby and friends doing outdoorsy (and sometimes indoorsy) things.  


Our winter weather here in Manitoba is exotic and something to celebrate. Believe it or not, it can truly be a vibrant time both outdoors (as long as you’ve got the right gear and plan ahead), and indoors at our many attractions and events. Here are our top suggestions for memorable and exciting things to do with your baby to make the most out of winter:


Take a winter photo of baby and share widely to impress your friends 😊:

  • Baby Snow Angel is a classic
  • Baby bundled up in a sled
  • You and baby in your ceinture flechees at Festival du Voyageur
  • (bonus points if you tag us @fittogetherwpg . We love to see those winter babies!)


Do outdoorsy stuff:

  • Stroller Skating on the River Trail. This is one of the most unique “Winnipeg” things you can do! Choose a nice day (with little wind) and head to The Forks to take your stroller down to ice level. Skate to one end and back or go longer if baby is up for it. Expect skating with a stroller to be little more stable than usual since you have something to hold on to, but a little more challenging due to the increased resistance. Check out our “How to Skate with a Stroller” reel on Instagram to see this in action.


  • Snowshoeing at Fort Whyte Alive. This nature preserve is a gem within city limits. Explore the frozen ponds and forests on snowshoe with baby in your carrier. Fort Whyte keeps a stock of basic snowshoes to rent for a nominal fee.


  • Take a Babywearing Hike in a sheltered forest. Shake up your usual walks buy finding a forest and taking baby for a hike. Spots like Birds Hill Park, Whitter Park or the Harte Trail are some of our favourites.


  • Join Winter Adventure Club. If you want support and motivation to get outside weekly, our ultimate winter program for parents and babies is our Winter Adventure Club which includes all of the above outdoorsy things and more.


Do indoorsy stuff when it’s too cold out (see blog for our interpretation of too cold)


  • Explore The Leaf at Assiniboine Park. This gorgeous indoor horticultural attraction is a wonderful place to warm your body and your spirits on an ice cold day. If it’s sunny outside, dress in light layers as it gets delightfully hot in there. Coming this January is a special Fleurs des Villes exhibit featuring one-of-a-kind fresh floral displays. website


  • Visit the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. This is another local world class attraction, and is a surprisingly uplifting experience and very baby friendly. Bring your stroller and walk the all the ramps to get your steps in, while enjoying the meaningful exhibits and breathtaking architecture along the way. Admission is free for all visitors on Sundays and kids under 6 are always free. CMHR


  • Check out the Beyond Monet exhibit. Immerse yourself in Claude Monet's timeless masterpieces at Beyond Monet on now to January 4 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. The best news?  Children 4 years and younger enter the show for free when accompanying an adult with a ticket. We’ve heard taking babies to this exhibit is very enjoyable as it allows you to see the works at a child’s pace and there’s lots of space to explore.


  • Go see WAG-Qaumajuq. The Winnipeg Art Gallery-Qaumajuq is one of Canada's leading art museums, home to the largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world. The new addition is gorgeous!


Spice up your winter with a Fit Together special event

Do cosy things

  • Meet some friends and drink hot bevvies at one of our local coffee shops: Fools and Horses at The Forks, Thom Bargen on Corydon or Sherbrook, or join the Fit Together Coffee Time at Lord Roberts CC or Scout Coffee and Tea in North Kildonan.
  • Too cold to leave the house? Draw a warm bath and hop in for some water fun together with baby

Plan to get some heart pumping exercise

  • Exercising several times a week is a sure-fire way to keep your spirits up, entertain baby and improve circulation and strength.  Check out our Fit Together programs like Parent & Baby Aquafit, Bootcamp, Babywearing Dance and more to find your groove this winter. New classes start week of January 8.


Best wishes for a happy and healthy winter!


Aileen and the Fit Together team


PS if you have more suggestions to make the most of winter, let us know!