Fit Together Summer Gear Picks for Active Families

Are you planning to get active outdoors with baby this summer? Parents often ask us what gear they may need, so here are a few of our favourites, with a preference for locally owned businesses where possible.


New runners after pregnancy

Why? Running shoes generally need to be replaced every 6-12 months if you use them weekly. During pregnancy your runners take more of a beating due to increased weight. Your feet may even change size or shape. Therefore, it is a good idea to replace your running shoes when baby comes along. Your joints and body will thank you and you’ll be less likely to get an injury. Head to a store with great service for best results!

Where to buy:  Fit Together recommends City Park Runners (our participants get a discount) or another small shop with personalized service.


ThinkBaby Sunscreen Stick

Why? This sunscreen is a top choice on the EWG’s “Best Sunscreens for Babies & Kid” list and widely available in Canada. As a zinc-oxide based sunscreen, it’s better for the environment than typical sunscreen and its ingredients present low health risks.  The stick format is easy to apply. Sunscreen is not recommended for babies under 6 months (avoid sun), but babies older than 6 months can wear it.

Where to buy:   MEC, Superstore and major retailers


Mini Kick Scooter

Why? These scooters are very high quality, easy to operate,  and will provide years of fun for ages 18 months and up. Replacement parts are available if you wear anything out and it will last long enough to hand down to siblings and friends.  While your toddler is scooting you can jog or power-walk behind them. Made sure to wear your runners!

Where to buy: and other major retailers.


Reusable Swim Diaper

Why? Reusable swim diapers are better for the environment, more economical, more adjustable, and CUTER than disposables. They are also pretty easy to wash and keep on hand without having to run to the store.

Where to buy: Trendy Tots


Ripcords Resistance band

Why? We these high quality resistance bands in our Stroller Fitness classes. We love that they are super long-lasting and strong, and easy to throw in your stroller or bag for a workout on the go.

Where to buy: Need one for Stroller Fitness this summer? Order from Fit Together here and we'll bring it to your first or second class


Sunhat with cinch and/or chin strap

Why? Sun safety is important in our province and it is key to find a hat that baby will keep on! Our participants recommend hats with cinches and/or chin straps. You can even find adjustable sun hats which can take your child from baby to toddler and pre-schooler.

Where to buy:   Sunday Afternoons play hat from MEC, many brands at West Coast Kids


Infant bike helmet

Why? Biking with your toddler is such a joyful summer activity and expands your range of neighbourhood outings. In Manitoba, anyone under age 18 biking on their own, or riding in a bike trailer needs to be wearing a helmet. The trick is to find one small enough to fit your 12-month old’s tiny head.

Where to buy:   Retrospec Scout helmet in XS from White Pine Bicycle, in store or by phone


Baby sunglasses

Why? Protect those baby blues (and browns and greens!) and look cool with teeny tiny sunglasses.

Where? Hipster Kids’ Classic Wayfarers from Indigo, Babiators from West Coast Kids,  Roshambo from Trendy Tots

Baby Spring Float for Swimming

Why we like it: We use these baby spring floats in our popular Parent & Baby Aquafit class for babies 6-24 months (runs Sept-June at the Rady JCC). Parents can swim beside baby and have a little more freedom (remember to always keep baby in arms length for safety purposes). They easy to inflate and deflate, include a detachable sun canopy and lots of fun. Baby sits lower in the water than other inflatables so they can enjoy splashing their hands in water in the mesh ring.


Where to buy: Swimways baby spring float from major retailers like Canadian Tire and Superstore in the pool toys aisle