Spring Bucket list with baby


The excitement and energy of spring is here!  It’s time to bust out of the house and get out there exploring with baby. The weather will have it’s ups and downs, but don’t let that stop you from having some fun.

Here are our suggestions to make the most of spring in Winnipeg with your littles.


Take a spring photo of baby and share widely to impress your friends 😊:

  • Baby’s first swing
  • Baby in rain gear
  • You and baby under an umbrella
  • Baby in sunglasses (IYKYK this is Aileen’s favourite thing!)
  • Baby in bunny ears

Do outdoorsy stuff:

  • Go for a spring walk. Spring is a wonderfully exciting time to get outdoors. Check out our Spring Walks in Winnipeg blog post for our suggestions on where it dries up the quickest.
  • Join a Fit Together Outdoor Class. Make a weekly commitment to get some exercise and fresh air.  We have Stroller Yoga at Bois des Esprits or our popular Stroller Fitness classes at The Forks, Assiniboine Park or Crescent Drive Park.  Stroller Fitness is a mobile class for parents with babies with cardio, strength, core and stretching segments, plus fun baby rhymes at the end. Classes start in April and May.  Schedule
  • Visit a local farm. This is a great way to introduce your little one to nature and the marvels of animals. The very popular Morning Sound Farm opens May 10. There’s also a cute mini farm at Pineridge Hollow or Aunt Sally’s Farm at Assiniboine Park Zoo.
  • Visit the Zoo. The Zoo is great to visit at all times of year, but spring is when many animals get more active. There are lots of indoor and outdoor exhibits to explore and gets those steps in.
  • Have an outdoor picnic. One of the best parts about this season is getting to relax outside with your littles. Grab some snacks, roll out your picnic blanket and enjoy an outdoor picnic once the grass dries up.


Make indoor plans when the weather doesn’t cooperate:

  • Explore our local garden centres. Winnipeg has several very large garden centres with space to explore and soak in the feeling of spring. Check out Shelmerdine, LaCoste and St Mary’s.
  • Visit the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada. This brand new (opened in 2022) attraction at the Winnipeg Airport is an interesting place to explore on a crisp spring day. Lots of space for strollers and windows to admire arrivals and departures. Details
  • Exercising several times a week is a sure-fire way to keep your spirits up, entertain baby and improve circulation and strength.  Check out our Fit Together indoor programs like Parent & Baby Aquafit, Bootcamp, Barre and more to stay energized this spring. New classes start week of April 1. www.fitogether.ca/sessions
  • Head to Polo Park for the Festival of Fools, during Spring Break, March 23-29, noon to 2:30 PM at centre court. Babies will love to watch the shows, and the kids in the audience. (Note: the new location of the mall instead of The Forks for 2024). https://www.kidsfest.ca/festival-of-fools


Find a sunny spot at a stroller friendly restaurant or patio.

  • Meet some friends and enjoy the tropical vibes at Kilter Brewing, the soaring windows at the Park Café or the bright, family friendly second floor EQ3 Lounge at The Forks.


Have a dance party.

  • It’s always a good idea to dance around with baby! Put on some tunes at home and go for it, or check out the Mama Cutsworth Spring Break Dance-a-thon, Wednesday March 27, 12-3 PM or DJ Hunnicut’s Daylight Disco, Thursday March 28, 12-3 PM at The Forks, room 201. 


Best wishes for an exciting season!


Aileen and the Fit Together team


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