With COVID- 19 precautions expected to be ongoing for several months in Manitoba, gyms just beginning to re-open, and travel limited for now, active families are looking for new ways to be exercise with baby and/or young kids in tow.  

Here are the Fit Together team’s hot tips to get you out exercising with the family. 

Open Streets: Active Transport Routes 

Recommended by Fit Together instructor Aileen 

Until at least Sept 7, there are 8 Winnipeg streets closed to all but local car traffic from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week. I have been absolutely LOVING having these new spaces to spend time being active outdoors in the city! With wide paved roads, these are ideal spots to safely stroller walk and jog, and for little bike riders to hone their skills. Make it a family outing with all members using different modes of active transport! Aileen’s tips: bring lots of water and some snacks in case you are out longer than anticipated (as usually happens to me) and your team need to refuel. Look for “Devil’s Dip” monkey trails along Wellington Crescent past the Route 90 underpass for the adventurous mountain bikers in your group. 

Here are the Open Streets: 

  • Lyndale Drive  

  • Scotia Street  

  • Wellington Crescent  

  • Wolseley Avenue  

  • Churchill Drive  
  • Egerton Road  

  • Kildonan Drive  

  • Kilkenny Drive  


It's also worth checking out the new active transport route along the BLUE Line/ SouthWest Transit Way from Harrow/Jubilee to U of M. This route features 11 kms of protected, off street paths to walk, jog or bike, with public art installations along the way. Details

Whittier Park 

Recommended by Fit Together instructor Carley 

Whittier Park is a very centrally located riverside park popular for dog walking and biking. There is an out and back 3.1 km trail starting behind the historic Fort Gibraltar building (site of Festival du Voyageur) with beautiful views of downtown. Parking is available. In the middle of the park, there is a big hill perfect for toddlers to run up and down until it's nap-time. Older kids will enjoy the mountain biking trails along the rail line. I love walking in Whittier Park with my toddler and my Dad. My little one does a mix of hanging out in the stroller and running along! 



Crescent Drive Park 

Recommended by Fit Together instructor Ashley 

What I consider one of Winnipeg's hidden gems, Crescent Drive Park is a smaller city park that offers a more “woodsy” feel. From the gate off Crescent Drive to the one at Crane, there is a fully paved road, about a mile long, which offers a good amount of space for socially distanced stroller walks.  

If you are baby-wearing or have any tiny explorers with you, there are paths that wind in and out of the wooded area on the east side, making you feel like you're almost out of the city. There is also a rugged walking path along the river side of the park. Crescent Drive Park has a small play structure, a handful of BBQ/picnic areas and a new pavilion under construction at the centre of the park.  

You are also almost guaranteed to spot some wildlife - deer are often grazing along the river and in the trees - and if you have a keen eye, you may even spot one of the great horned owls that are currently residing near the parking lot! 



Fit Together Outdoor Programs 

We are thrilled to offer our popular outdoor Fit Together classes  with COVID precautions in place. Class size will be capped to meet guidelines, participants will bring their own equipment and stay 6 feet apart.  

Here are the classes we’ve got planned for July: 

  • Outdoor Stroller Fitness classes at Assiniboine Park 

  • Outdoor Stroller Fitness classes at The Forks

  • Outdoor Stroller Fitness classes at Crescent Drive Park 

  • Outdoor Baby Free Bootcamp at Harrow Park

  • Prenatal Fitness Outdoors/ Evening Stroller Fitness at The Forks

Check out the schedule here


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