Holiday Wish List for the Active Family

Are the grandparents and relatives asking for gift ideas for you and baby, but your baby already has ALL THE TOYS? Consider these non-traditional, experiential and practical gift ideas for the active family, with a preference for locally owned businesses when possible.

Gifts under $25

  • Daily rental of our Fit Together ski chariot

Did you know? We rent out a double chariot plus ski attachment for $20+ GST/ day or $40+ GST/ weekend, available only to Fit Together current and past participants. Skiing is such a wonderful family activity and the chariot can be used with babies as young as 6 months.

Where to buy: Email to purchase a gift certificate or make a booking

  • Smartwool® socks for the whole family

Why we like them: SmartWool® socks are an awesome choice for winter in Winnipeg because wool wicks any moisture away from your skin, keeping your toes dry and (hopefully) toasty. You can wear then around the house too. SmartWool socks for everyone! (Note if you are allergic to wool like our instructor Ashley, try Heat Holders® socks instead.)

Where to buy: Smartwool at Humbolt’s LegacyEuropean Shoe ShopWilderness Supply Heat Holders® are at Cabelas and also sometimes Costco

  • Thin neck warmers (aka "buffs") for the whole family

Why we like them: These are a great layer to keep the wind off the ears and neck. Look for baby or kids sized ones for a better fit. Aileen’s tip is to tuck extras into your pockets as someone usually needs one! We have some really cute Fit Together baby and adult sized ones available through us, or find other brands at local stores.

Where to buy: Fit Together matching neckwarmers, Prairie Summit (North Face store)Wilderness SupplyMEC

  • Tiny kids ski goggles

Why we like them: This one is more of a life hack than "gear", but if the temperatures dip really low, like -30 and you still need/want to get out (say to walk the dogs, or pick up other kids from school), a teeny tiny pair of ski goggles can be used to protect baby's upper face from the wind. They can also be used to take tots and kids skiing or on winter walks later on. 

Where to buy: MEC

  • Ticket for an upcoming Fit Together Special Event

Why we like it: Is there a better way to ease back into fitness and spend some quality time with your little one than a Fit Together special event? Our events are a nice way to try out a class without committing to a full session.

Tiny Yogis for the Cure- Dec 30

Fit Together New Beginnings Event- Postnatal Yoga + Infant Massage- Jan 11

Fit Together Baby Love Event- Postnatal Yoga + Infant Massage- Feb 13

Gifts under $50

  • Traction cleats for ice and snow (YakTraks or similar)

Why we like them: During freeze/thaw cycles our local trails and sidewalks can build up icy sections making it harder to walk safely, especially while holding/wearing your baby, or during pregnancy. Slip these traction cleats over your regular boots or winter shoes and you can explore with confidence. Recommended by many participants!

Where to buy: Canadian FootwearMEC, running stores, Costco

  • 3 in 1 Babywearing/ Stroller/ Car Seat Cover

Why we like it: Keeps baby and toddlers safe and warm during winter months.  Many brands allow you to use these covers for the car seat, baby carrier and the stroller which is ideal for getting out in all weather.

Where to buy:  Pookie Poncho, K- Poncho and others are at West Coast Kids

  • Stonz mitts and booties

Why we like them: Designed with a double bungee system, these mitts and booties are known for staying on.  For toddlers, they also have a soft soled boot style that makes taking those first few snowy footsteps a little easier.

Where to buy: Trendy Tots

Gifts under $100

  • Fleece lined leggings

Why we like them: Fleece lined leggings are an amazing addition to your wardrobe. They add extra coziness (under your wind layer) on your winter walks and adventures, and are great for lounging “après ski” as well.

Where to buy: locally owned Prana Vida makes lovely leggings, including a fleece lined line called Euphoria, as does Anne Mulaire. Winnipeg owned MPG makes fleece lined leggings that are often available at Costco.

  • Thin fleece or polyester baby bunting/snowsuit

Why we like them: Wearing a puffy snowsuit in the car seat is not recommended for safety reasons. If you are driving somewhere to embark on an adventure, wearing a thin car seat friendly bunting or snowsuit will make the transition a little smoother as you can pop baby in the baby carrier in their thinner suit, or put the puffy one over top the thin suit once you arrive. Double snowsuits are très Winnipeg, you know? 

Where to buy: Look for Columbia, MEC, North Face or Patagonia brands of fleece or thin polyester bunting suits, from MEC or the Prairie Summit Shop (North Face). It's also worth a look for secondhand (Marketplace, Kijiji or Once Upon a Child)

  • Fit Together gift certificate

Why we like them: We believe that it is more fun to exercise with our littles and each other. Fit Together gift certificates can be used for any prenatal, postnatal or infant massage program and have no expiry date. Give the gift of fitness!

Where to buy: on the bottom of the page or email

Gifts $100 +

  • Jacket extender or babywearing jacket

Why we like it: A jacket extender allows you to use your regular jacket for pregnancy and babywearing. Babywearing in winter has a lot of benefits, including increased warmth for you and baby, and keeping your arms free for other tasks. (Read our Tips for Winter Babywearing here.)

Where to buy: Westcoast Kids, SportChek (online only), Suse’s Kinder (online only), it is also worth keeping an eye on Ever After Maternity’s social media, Marketplace or Kijiji for these specialty items!


  • Zoo/ The Leaf or Fort Whyte Alive membership

Why we like it: Time in nature is so restorative for us and our families. Fort Whyte’s forest trails are absolutely beautiful in winter and a membership allows you to find that nature right in the city.  Our zoo offers a more urban nature experience but there are also indoor buildings to warm up in on really cold days and older babies and toddlers will get a thrill seeing the animals too!

Where to buy:  FortWhyte AliveAssiniboine Park Zoo


Now, let's get out there and enjoy the best of the season!

Love, Aileen and the Fit Together Team


PS If you know of other locally owned retailers that carry these items, let us know and we'll add them to the list!



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